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Thursday, September 13, 2012

See You in Another Life....

Here's something radical - and you may think I am crazy, but I've come to believe over the past few years that we get to live life over and over again. I don't believe that we get to live the "same" life over with the "same" people playing the same roles, and I don't believe it's another shot to do it again and again until we get it "right" but I think we get to live multiple lives over multiple time periods and experience many different things...

Think I am nuts yet? For the record, know this, I believe in God, and I believe in Heaven - but, who really knows what "Heaven" is? Is Heaven in fact more chances at life with the people we love? What's apparent to me, is that the few things that remain the same over our multiple lives are the lessons that God wants us to learn. And He will present them to us over and over again until we "get it." We make choices in each of our lives that propel us to the next place. Whether our choices are right or not, they are stepping stones to where we are supposed to be.

So many people, myself included, worry about every choice they make, in fact we scrutinize our choices so much that we fear ever making decisions at all. And when we finally do, we then question that. God gives us the discretion to make decisions, and I believe ultimately, we can't be wrong, because it's what was meant to be. Those decisions we made continue to help us to create ourselves and become who we are really meant to be.

Occasionally, I look back over the years and wonder how I could have let myself make that left at the fork in the road, when I know now I should have gone right... And then I remember, God leads you to where you are supposed to be. If you take a thousand detours along the way, that's just fine - because it's not about the destination - it's about the journey. That journey is what makes you whole when you get to your destination!

Second guessing what you do is a natural feeling, second guessing what you do when you have OCD is painful! So for me, many shots at life over multiple time periods, is very very comforting... Perhaps we create our own Heaven, and this will be mine.

The second piece that I believe remains the same over our multiple lives is the fact that we have soul mates. From the words of a Facebook friend, "True soul mates will be drawn to each other time and time again throughout the course of many lifetimes." First, know that a true soul mate, in my eyes, is not the typical definition - not simply someone to be romantic with, but instead someone who fits the following:

"A soul mate is not the fairytale ending of the perfect match who fits you and your lifestyle like a comfortable glove… But a soul mate is someone who will pull you out of your comfort zone… putting you and your mind into places where in the past you may have feared to go… a soul mate is someone who through the natural progression of the relationship will make you step beyond what you saw as your limits… proving to yourself that you have no limits, except those that you have created in your own mind… a soul mate is someone who causes you to look deep within to discover that you were already whole and complete, but life with them simply adds cream to the top of what was already decadent… a soul mate is someone who is beaming with pride while watching, supporting, and nudging you through all of this as you learn, grow, evolve, and refine the masterpiece that is you…" ~ Debi Hebelt

So, as you make your choices, try not to second guess them so much. They are part of the journey. Also, know that those people (family/friends/acquaintances, aka SOUL MATES) in your life - the ones that may be in it for years, the ones that come in and out and reappear over and over again at different monumental times during your journey, or even the ones that are there for only a short time - you will be seeing them again. They will play a part across multiple planes, don't be sad if you don't see them again in this life and don't question it if they are not currently playing the role you think they should.... Because, I find comfort in the words of Desmond Hume of the popular TV show Lost, "See you in another life, brotha"

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